Casino Getaways

What We Do at Casino Getaways

Casino Getaways provides qualified and non-qualified gamblers personalized service for vacations packages to well-known casinos, such as Harrah’s and MGM Casinos. We book blocks of seats on commercial planes and when we have a large group of gamblers, we will charter a plane to our destination providing a nice savings to our customers. Additionally, we will make your hotel reservation, take care of baggage handling and provide you with ground transportation.

For qualified gamblers, we can arrange “comp” travel. As an authorized casino representative, we can book any offers received directly from the casino. Without the hassles of numerous phone calls to the casino, we will set up your trip and call you with all of the information for your confirmed reservations.

For the non-qualified gamblers, the rates are discounted. ‘Tour & Travel’ is a term for customers that pay a ‘Casino Package’ price to go on our trips. Non-qualified gamblers are those who have never been rated or their ratings do not qualify them for complimentary trips. Our Casino Package price includes: airfare, hotel accommodations, baggage handling and ground transportation.

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